Teach what you want

Teach What You Want – Teach What You Love at Casa Sana!

Whether you are just starting out as a teacher, need a space for your private class or event, or seeking to grow and teach more often, we are here for you.

Are you a passionate yoga teacher or an instructor specializing in classes that align with the spirit of yoga? Casa Sana invites you to share your expertise, creativity, and love for holistic well-being in our dedicated yoga shala. Join our community of wellness enthusiasts and let us be the canvas for your teachings.Β 

teach what you want casa sana

A ‘BYO students’ class or workshop

Exclusive use of the shala for your own students/participants.

A ‘Teach what you want’ slot in our schedule (class / workshop)

Open for all, teach what your want to students/participants.

Why Choose Casa Sana for Your Classes

1. Inspiring Setting: Nestled just steps away from the serene Patnem beach, our yoga shala provides an inspiring and peaceful setting for both teachers and students. 

2. Supportive Environment: Benefit from a supportive and welcoming community that embraces a holistic approach to wellness. Connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for mindful living. 

3. Professional Promotion: Let us take care of the logistics. We’ll add your class to our schedule, promote it through our channels, and ensure that your offerings reach a wide audience. 

4. Versatile Space: Our shala is adaptable to various wellness practices, allowing you to teach a diverse range of classes, whether it’s yoga, meditation, breathwork, or any other complementary discipline. 

teach what you want casa sana

πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ Casa Sana revenue sharing models 🌺


It’s our own personal, and sometimes frustrating, experience that it can be difficult to talk and agree about money, rates, fees, who pays what, etcetera if you are organising your own class or workshop and you are looking to hire a venue.  

We want to do this differently. We want to be fair and transparent to all, to student, participant, practitioner, teacher, facilitator, management, coordinator, promoter, and the business owner who pays most of the bills of the shala. We also want to remove entry barriers for teachers with maybe only a small number of students/participants. We are open to discuss any revenue sharing model but want to suggest the below percentage model and the tiered model. 

Percentage model 


  • Teach your own public class – the class is open to all students/participants, the class will be added to our schedule and will be promoted. The average/suggested fee to charge is Rs.500 for a 60 minutes class, Rs.600 for a 90 minute class. 
  • Organise your own public event – your event is open to all students/participants, the event will be added to our calendar and will be promoted. We can not suggest a fee to charge, this is totally up to you and depends on the type of event. 

Of the fee: 

  • 50% goes to you, the teacher/facilitator/organiser. 
  • 10% goes towards the shala coordinator (coordinates the shala, the students/participants, the teachers, event organisers, the schedule/calendar, online bookings/reservations) and promoter (including expenses for flyers, posters, online free and paid advertising). 
  • 40% goes towards the business owner (as rent for the shala, and to pay for shala expenses). 

Tiered model 


  • Organise your own private class – Hire the shala – exclusively for your own students/participants, the event will not be in our schedule and will not be promoted. 
  • Organise your own private event – Hire the shala – exclusively for your own participants, the event will not be in our schedule and will not be promoted. 
  • You decide on the fee charged, and whether this is per person or for the whole group. 


You pay a fee for the use of the shala depending on the group size. 

  • Private class/event – max 2 people – Rs.1000 
  • Small group max 5 people – Rs.2000 
  • Small to medium size group – max 10 people – Rs.3000 
  • Medium size group – max 20 people – Rs. 4000 
  • Large group – more than 20 people – Rs.5000 

How It WorksΒ 

1. Submit Your Proposal: Tell us about the class you’d like to teach. Whether it’s traditional yoga, a unique fusion class, or a specialized wellness session, we want to hear about your vision. 

2. Collaborative Planning: Our team will work closely with you to understand your teaching style, class format, and preferred schedule. Together, we’ll create an experience that resonates with our community. 

3. Promotion: Benefit from our promotional efforts. We’ll showcase your class on our website, social media platforms, and through other marketing channels to ensure maximum visibility. 

4. Teach and Connect: Once everything is in place, come to Casa Sana and teach in our beautiful shala. Connect with your students, share your passion, and be a part of a wellness-focused community. 

Teach what you want

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